Arts in Education:
Arts, Career & Education Program

The Arts, Career & Education (A.C.E.) Program introduces the multidisciplinary aspects of the arts as well as creative professions to high school students in addition to providing career preparation and orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, field trips and community service activities. Students can also participate in a culminating production to incorporate what they’ve learned as well as showcase their skills.

#GreatNews ~ We’re expanding our Arts in Education Programming!

Here are just a few of the offerings that are available:
  • From Page to Stage: How a Book becomes a Theatrical Production
  • Set Design
  • Creative Lyric (Song) Writing Workshop
  • Managing Multiple Disciplines: The Road to the Entertainment Industry
  • Introduction to the Music Business
  • Audio Engineering
  • Music Production
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Voice-Over Training
  • Acting Instruction (also helps with Public Speaking)

Note: most of the Masterclasses and/or Workshops are geared for grade 8 and up; however, in some instances there will be offerings for Pre-K to 7th grade.

Please, click here to indicate which Masterclass and/or Workshop you’re interested in learning more about.

Dates, times and registration information will be provided via email once the details are available.

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